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Sogenji c2004

Sogenji c2004

I have had a lifelong passion for the healing of body and mind.

Always active in sports and naturally athletic, something had never felt right in my body.  It culminated in an unexplainable injury after college in which my body just seized up.  I went to a Rolfer in Missoula, Montana and was intrigued.  It helped me to begin to engage in my healing journey. Then someone told me I had to do internal energy work to really work out the issues.   Always interested in Buddhism, I found a Zen monastery on Whidbey Island.  At some point the Roshi (Zen Master) came from Japan to lead a retreat.  Here was someone who would help me to do my internal energy work.



I went with him to Sogenji monastery, in Okayama, Japan, and stayed several years.  There, I not only healed from the inside out, but my perception of reality completely shifted.  I came back looking for a medium to express this healing and way of being.  I began training in a few different healing modalities.  And then I started writing the Blog about six years ago and it has blossomed.  Through correspondence about the blog, I have been lucky enough to be able to help a lot of people with questions about their own internal process, from kundalini issues, meditation questions, and general embodiment process questions.

I  am currently located in Langley, Washington with my wife and three daughters.  I teach a meditation class and a few workshops, and work with individual clients combining Sourcepoint Therapy®, Structural Integration®, and Craniosacral therapy.  My goal is to share a bit of the freedom I found on my path.  

Here are two podcast interviews:

Here is a podcast interview with my brother: Topics include reasons for going to a Zen Monastery, How Bob Dylan relates to Zen, finding our own practice, how Zen makes us into artists. It was a great time hangin with my big bro.

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This is on the Classical Ideas Podcast with Greg Soden:


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About Teresa


Hi, I am Teresa, Corey's wife and assistant extraordinaire at Corey Hess Body Therapy.  Corey and I met at Sogenji monastery in Okayama, Japan.  I thoroughly enjoy homeschooling our three beautiful daughters and helping with behind-the-scenes organization, vision creation and implementation, and scheduling communication at Corey Hess Body Therapy.