Craniosacral Therapy 

Spending my twenties sitting in a monastery, I saw that at all times the body is trying to heal if we can open up to it.  After coming back to the states, I took quite a few years looking at different modalities trying to find one closest to my own experience of healing. 

When we touch bodies in a gentle, non-invasive way, the whole system responds and begins to sort itself out.  Working with the autonomic nervous system, the rythms of the body, including cerebrospinal fluid, heartbeat, vagus nerve, etc, we allow the intelligence of the whole system to bring itself back into natural harmony. 

It is often like we are shining a flashlight on the body, and the dark unconscious aspects of the client are awoken and brought to light.  This is deeply profound work.

Often we think that receiving work where the practitioner exerts physical pressure on the body, is deep, as in deep tissue massage.  I have found that when I work very gently, listening to the system and having it show me how it wants to resolve holding patterns in the system, allowing the system to open up from within, is much deeper than pressing hard on people.

**Craniosacral Therapy is not just for the head.  It is a whole body treatment.


Cranial sessions for kids- $50 per half hour.


A life of deep essence is our offering to others...
— Shodo Harada Roshi