Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I do Structural Integration over massage?

Lasting results! All touch therapies with an intent to heal do wonders for the body. Massage is extremely helpful with relaxation and injury treatment. So why does the pain come back? The answer may be that massage does not seek to reveal the root cause of the origin of pain. Some pain and fatigue may be a result of poor posture, emotional stress, or compensations your body took on as a result of an injury past or present.  Structural Integration utilizes a holistic approach to treatment.  Structural Integration provides long term changes to the body by changing the structure of the body through the fascia and nervous system. Our intent and method is different than massage and the results also differ greatly. Only by viewing the body as a whole, can lasting change be made to the structure of the body.

Do I have to complete the entire series? 

No.  If you begin, and you determine Structural Integeration is not for you, you may choose not to continue. There is no commitment once you have begun the sessions.  Sessions can be done anywhere from once a week to once a month, with the exception of sessions 4,5,6 & 7 where I ask that no more than 2 weeks pass between each.

Do you offer just single session treatments?

Yes, single session Structural Integration treatments are available and will be tailored to your specific body issues.  Somassage is also available as a single session deep tissue massage. Somassage can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Somassage is not Structural Integration, but rather a more general, a full body balancing system.  

What other modalities are complementary to Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is complementary and compatible to Chiropractic work, Yoga, Pilates, and life counseling.  Structural Integration supports the changes of chiropractic manipulations by aligning and balancing the muscle structure through fascia manipulation. Also, S.I. enhances the body-mind connection, and would support the neurological changes that come with a properly aligned spine.  S.I. affects the psychosomatic conditioning the body/mind develops, and along with the psychological improvements and growth obtained through life and mental health counseling, the combining of the two can be dynamic.  Clients who are having little further progress often find that S.I. offers additional positive changes in their bodies and their lives. 

How much do you charge? 

 I charge $130 -$150 sliding scale per S.I. session.  Sessions are 1 -1.5 hours ($50/half hour for kids).  Private meditation/body awareness session are $50/hour.   

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time.  However, I do offer an Insurance friendly receipt which you can send to your insurance provider.