With the popularity of my blog, many people have asked for help with meditation, internal process work, etc.  This page is under construction.  I'll be offering some options for helping with these questions soon.  Right now I can offer meeting in person or skype conversations for $50 per hour.  Thanks!


"Corey is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to interact with him. I know this is a big statement, but seriously: Whether we read Corey’s blog, experience his work in person or are just lucky enough to have a one-off conversation with him, we all benefit from his life experience, his explorations, the many years of meditation and self-reflection. Corey and I met at a workshop where we spent some time comparing notes on our experiences. The focal point for our conversation was energy work, movement and embodiment. During our conversation I felt like I met a kindred spirit. I felt seen and I felt heard. Corey pointed me to his blog post titled “A Great Love Affair Just Standing Around”. Wow! What a great resource! Corey is doing the world a great service by reflecting on his own experiences and putting into words what sometimes can be so hard to understand."  A.K. Franklyn Method Practitioner

"Even in modern times with access to online resources such as groups, blogs and web articles it can still be vital to find a trust worthy source who is approachable and knowledgeable, but also honest enough where it matters. After a very short time it was clear that Corey with his experience and background and openness would be able to not just understand very specific meditation and energy questions I had, but also to offer detailed responses and point out things to try or research further to help me further along my path. It's very rare to find such a combination of this in such a specific field that is unknown to so many, and poorly understood by the few that know the topic. The feedback Corey provided was excellent for me to fine tune my approaches to various areas and to know where to head next in my understanding"  B.P. Zen Practitioner