Somassage®: A Full Body Session that Stands on its Own

A full Somassage includes work from front, back and side-lying positions to promote balance, relaxation and ease in movement.

Like a traditional deep tissue massage, this standalone session can focus on relaxation, pain reduction, and overall well-being. Yet the principles of Soma Neuromuscular Integration® are always present, encouraging the body to incorporate the changes for more lasting results.


After the Series...

Somassage is also great as a “tune-up” for those who have gone through the Structural Integration Series Work.

Aches and Pains / Injury Treatment / Spot Work

Sometimes you just want somebody to work those kinks out of your neck & shoulders. Or get some relief from those tight calves, keyboard-weary forearms, stiff hip joints, or low back pain.

We can definitely work together! “Aches & Pains” manual therapy treatment sessions can be scheduled for an hour or an hour and a half.