This class is on a break. Please contact me if interested—

 The ongoing theme of the class is to creatively engage with the energy flowing through us.  If we can be intimate with this process, techniques become secondary.  I give instruction, we do some Qi Gong, and I read something inspiring, often a zen passage.  The class is lighthearted and informal.  Please bring your curiosity and honesty.   Bring a zafu if you have one.

Donations Accepted.

Currently we are meeting at:

The Fifth Street Commons,

130 5th Street Common House

Langley, Wa 98260

8am Tuesdays


I also am available for private body awareness/meditation instruction, $50 per hour.

Always fascinated with bodies and movement, and what it is that is moving through space, I went to Japan and a Zen monastery for the better part of my twenties.  While there working with a Zen master, my entire experience of reality shifted on a cellular level.  I found myself standing in the garden for hours in between physical work and seated meditation.  I realized that if I just simply stood there and listened, the universe would open up to me and guide me.  My life now is about sharing this healing with people. 

Meditation and energy exercises are a part of my Structural Integration work, as it is my experience that the structural work can really take hold if done along with internal work.  It is, indeed, my life's great passion.  You do not need to be a client of mine, however, to come and sit with us.  It will be beneficial for anyone!