Health is that perfect blueprint present within us from the moment of

conception. Health is more inherent in the geometry than the genetics

Dr. Mark Rosen, D.O.
Painting by Bob Schrei

Painting by Bob Schrei

"Corey's beautiful work is transformative every time. He goes beyond the physical body into the energetic body which creates a release of all that does not serve me at that time and a remembrance of the wholeness and wellness of my body, mind and spirit."

-Lucy, Professional Actor 

The Fundamental Principle of Sourcepoint Therapy® is that there is an energetic blueprint or information field that gives rise to, maintains and repairs the human body.  The energetic pattern contains the information for the highest potential that we have, including the information for optimal structural and functional health, as well as emotional and spiritual well being.  In Sourcepoint Therapy® we address the blockages that obstruct the flow of information of the Blueprint.

SourcePoint was developed by Donna Thompson and Bob Schrei, who like me, spent a lot of their lives sitting in a Zen Monastery, doing the homework which blossomed into SourcePoint Therapy®.  Donna is a therapist who specializes in Awareness sessions and Bob is a Rolfer.  After school for Structural Integration I longed to study a part of the work which was never talked about, the energetic unfolding of health happening all the time if we can connect with it.  Meeting Bob and Donna and learning SourcePoint, it has been wonderful to discover people speaking my language.  They have helped me to deepen my understanding of how to engage in a more sophisticated way with the Blueprint of Health and the energetic intelligence surrounding us.  I will continue to train with them for several more years.

Here is a paper I published in The IASI Journal, 2018: The Koan of SourcePoint: Comparing SourcePoint Therapy to Traditional Japanese Zen Koan Practice

Here is a great article from the New York Times about Sourcepoint Therapy which helped inspired me to do the training:

The geometric configuration of the human body
and the metabolic processes, are present before
the central nervous system develops...the innate
wisdom of the body is not contained within any
cellular structure. This innate wisdom which gives
the body form is not a function of any system of
the body....Our existence is totally dependent
upon this original matrix (Blueprint) expressing its
— Dr. James Jealous - Osteopathic Physician
This health is about origin, or source. It is the origin, or source, of life and it underpins the order of all structure and function within the human system.
Dr. Randolph Stone called it the “Blueprint energy” and Dr.Jealous calls it the “Original Matrix”. ......the cellular or tissue world organizes around its manifestation.
The Original Matrix is the blueprint .........the blueprint around
which the cellular world organizes embryologically andmaintains this intention throughout life.
— Franklyn Sills