"Dear Corey,

In all my years of getting and doing bodywork I find the work that you do to be far superior in so many ways. You have a way of addressing the essence of a being as well as the structural, postural and support of that person. I always feel divinely touched when I have the privilege of experiencing your work. Years after my series of sessions with you I am still noticing the differences in my body and feeling the benefits of your awareness and knowledge. thank you for the magnificent work you do."

F.B. Yoga Teacher and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

"Corey's intuitive, no-nonsense treatment left me feeling freer to move, and freer from pain, than I have in a long time.  The results from a single treatment have lasted for months! I wouldn't hesitate to say that this was the best bodywork I have ever received, and I can't recommend it highly enough!"

- Peter, Caretaker and 5Rhythms teacher

"I learned more is 11 sessions with Corey than I did in 12 years of School"

P.B.  Visual artist

"Corey's beautiful work is transformative every time. He goes beyond the physical body into the energetic body which creates a release of all that does not serve me at that time and a remembrance of the wholeness and wellness of my body, mind and spirit."

-Lucy, Trance Channel Healer.